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T3™ Program

Polis Solutions The T3– Tact, Tactics, and Trust™ Training and Technical Assistance Program is provided by Polis Solutions, Inc. Polis Solutions delivers evidence-based training and technical assistance to educate and protect state, local, and tribal law enforcement officers and improve outcomes and relationships between officers and the communities they serve.

T3™ (Tact, Tactics, and Trust) training is an evidence-based police training system that integrates social interaction, officer safety, and community policing skills into a single, holistic program. It uses an interactive, hands-on approach built on the principle that whatever the context, all police actions must effectively integrate knowledge, skills, and aptitudes in three decisive areas of performance:

  • Tact: face-to-face communication that affirms the rights and dignity of all persons and minimizes conflict
  • Tactics: actions that preserve and protect the life, safety, and well-being of all persons
  • Trust: actions that create and sustain procedural justice, fairness, and equity

The program uses extensive scientific evidence to build and improve officers’ tactical and social skills. T3 is much more than training: It gives officers practical, hands-on tools to safely and decisively handle face-to-face interactions under any conditions, with the goal of successful resolutions. One of this program’s goals is to give officers the proficiency and confidence they need to safely and efficiently resolve issues and improve community trust.

The following types of VALOR T3 training will be available:

  • 4- and 8-hour law enforcement personnel classes
  • 24-hour (2.5- to 3-day) train-the-trainer class
  • Half-day executive leadership and command class
  • Web-based Patrol Expert™ training system to improve officer decision making
  • VALOR T3 Techniques Training Toolkit

This program is a partnership between the Bureau of Justice Assistance and Polis Solutions. Polis Solutions was founded by the creators of a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) effort to develop innovative methods and technologies for training social interaction skills and was converted to a shareholder-owned corporation in 2016. Polis Solutions specializes in creating custom evidence-based programs that build public trust and safer communities.

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